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Newborn Photography

The first few weeks of your baby's life pass by so quickly.  Let Laura Lynn's Photography capture that sweet face and little features soon after they enter our world. 

At a time when your life just got a little busier, we offer a calm and peaceful session that will last 90-120 minutes - we make sure there is lots of time for feeding and soothing baby.  Our newborn sessions are done within the first 10-days of your baby's life, because that is when baby is when baby is very sleepy and curling up naturally for those sweet newborn poses.

We offer in-studio newborn sessions which can take full advantage of our props and accessories, or have a session in your home which has a more natural look.  Both sessions can include photos of mom, dad, and siblings too, if desired. 

Capturing your little one's first days has become a specialty of Laura Lynn's Photography.  It's never too early to book your session, some moms post shortly after they find out they're expecting.  Please email Beth, our newborn photographer, to book your newborn session at

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In-Studio Newborn Session ~ $220
This session will take place in our warm and cozy studio, and we will have full use of props and accessories. Feel free to bring any props or accessories that are special to you.  This session will last 90-120 minutes.  

In-Home Newborn Session ~ $220
This session is perfect in homes with great natural light.  I will bring a few props, as requested, but is a perfect way to capture baby's first days at home.  Your session will last 60-90 minutes. 

(On location shoots: Utica, Marcy, Clinton, New York Mills, Whitesboro, New Hartford areas)

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When should I book newborn photos?

Now! If you know you want newborn photos and know your due date, book soon. There will be flexibility if you deliver sooner or later. I only book one newborn a day so we aren’t rushed. Newborn shoots are generally two hours. I take into account feedings, changings, and coddling. It is VERY important to get your newborn in within the first TEN days of him or her being born. Why you ask? See the section below.

When should my newborn be photographed?

We photograph our newborns within the first 10 days of life so that baby will be sleepy and poseable.  After the ten day period, the baby is quite alert and baby acne and colic become more common at that time.

How do I prepare the baby for photos?

A baby with a full tummy ensures he will be sleepy and happy. Try to feed the baby RIGHT before you leave to come to the photo shoot. Also, it is important to keep the baby awake as best as you can before the session. We need a sleepy baby for the photos. An awake baby often means a cross-eyed baby when the flash goes off. That's not the most precious look. There have been times where we have spent one hour of the session just trying to get the baby to sleep, so doing your part beforehand will ensure many more photo setups.

How to keep a newborn awake:

Babies do not like to be unclothed, so undress him or her for an hour before you come. It will make the baby alert and awake, exactly what we need for a sleepy baby at the shoot.

What should my baby wear? What should I bring?

We will do the traditional curled up sleepy photos naked (no parts will show). With that being said, slightly loosen the diaper before you come. Otherwise, there will be red diaper marks where it was tightly bound.

As for other items, bring anything you’d like. The more “stuff” you bring, the more personalized the photos will be. Bring blankets, daddy’s uniform, his fire hat, a military flag and dog tags, cowboy boots, a neat basket or anything antique that will add to the photo. I do have many props here.

As for mom and dad… Mommy and daddy, you will be in some of the photos. I don’t recommend wearing solid white; I do, however, recommend solid black. Also, stay away with anything that has a logo, but be comfortable. You deserve that.

If you had a c-section, yoga pants are fine. We will shoot from the waist up or chest up.

I keep my studio VERY warm so the baby will be comfortable. Dress in layers.

What’s missing?

We will want the atmosphere to be as quiet as possible. So please, if possible, no aunts, cousins, grandparents, and even toddler siblings. If you would like photos with the all of the kiddies, my recommendation is to bring them and have dad leave with them after we take the sibling photo.

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